Workout Books to Warm You Up

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Don’t let the cold keep you from being active. While we wait for warmer weather, check out these books from the library if you’re looking for fun exercise routines to try at home:

The RBG Workout by Bryant Johnson – A lighthearted, fully-illustrated fitness guide detailing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s twice-weekly workouts with the author, her personal trainer, demonstrates each exercise in accessible detail and is complemented by professional tips, informative sidebars and folksy health wisdom.

The One-Minute Workout by Martin Gibala – Draws on the author’s work in exercise physiology and high-intensity interval training to reveal the scientific plausibility of short burst workouts that can promote fitness in spite of busy schedules, outlining a range of basic interval workouts and microworkouts that can be customized for individual needs.

Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley – Presents a guide to hatha yoga for beginners and readers already practicing, offering directions for 50 basic poses, along with 10 sequences to do at home.

Partner Workouts by Laura Williams – Features 70 step-by-step exercises that actively utilize another person, either directly for resistance or indirectly for stability and balance.

Formula 50 by 50 Cent – Outlines a six-week body-building plan based on metabolic resistance training, discussing psychological approaches to fitness while revealing strategic nutritional combinations for accelerating fat loss and building muscle.

Ballerina Body by Misty Copeland – The celebrated ballerina shares step-by-step advice for how to reshape the body and achieve a lean, strong physique and maximum health, outlining key recommendations for diet, exercise and staying motivated.

FastExercise by Michael Mosley – Dispels common exercise myths and presents a fitness program designed to promote weight loss and improve health with high intensity training ten minutes a day, three times a week.

Core Strength Training by DK Publishing – Shares instructions for more than 150 body-sculpting exercises, with detailed anatomical diagrams identifying which muscles are involved, and how they work together.

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  1. I had read Every Body Yoga when I first decided to take up it as a routine and it was super helpful, especially with outlining all the basics and not levelling it up too fast since it’s meant for beginners. Totally loved this list you have rounded up, Abby! ❤

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