Life In Motion-The Firebird

Life in Motion is a tale of the groundbreaking progress of Misty Copeland, currently only the third African American female to become a soloist at the distinguished American Ballet Theatre. She reveals a story of struggles, discovery, and extraordinary fortitude throughout her life as an up-and-coming Ballerina. Copeland comes from a family with a single mother and began taking ballet lessons at the late age of 13.  She practiced tirelessly and was able to attend several summer programs at some of the best ballet schools. It was undeniable that Copeland possessed a special gift as experts say 13 is an incredibly late age to begin such a craft.

Misty was able to go on to join the American Ballet Theatre and is now one of its principal dancers. The book is an excellent depiction of the breaking of barriers, advances, and the African American experience in the world of ballet.  It was particularly interesting as a biography because it was a very easy read and her story is worth telling. In fact, the book made me admire her even more.  Although I thought the book was repetitive at times, I think she also did a good job at explaining both her personal life as well as introducing those that are unfamiliar with the dance world to dance themes and concepts.



  1. I agree that it is a story well worth telling. However the story as written did not engage me enough in her experience. It felt bogged down in the details of ballet movements etc. The writing seemed uninspired —- which was not a match for her inspiring accomplishments.

  2. Misty’s story is fascinating and important and I’m really glad she wrote about it. Like Malala, Misty’s not a great writer, but what she has to say is clear, illuminating and important.

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