Take an eBook Along On Vacation

Beach Town book cover.If you own a tablet or other mobile device and reading is something you enjoy doing while on vacation, you can download ebooks from OverDrive for free with your JMRL library card anywhere, anytime. If you’re not already familiar with OverDrive, visit www.jmrl.org/download to learn how to browse through and download ebooks.

Try one of these titles if you’re looking for a good book to dive into while you’re on your break:

Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews – Given a last chance to salvage her career after being wrongly blamed for property damage, movie location scout Greer Hennessy confronts environmentally-minded mayor Eben Thinadeaux in a sleepy Florida Gulf Coast community.

Against the Storm by Kat Martin – Taking Maggie O’Connell’s case, former army ranger-turned-private investigator Trace Rawlins discovers that his beautiful new client is not telling him everything when he stumbles upon a secret that no one was meant to uncover.

Hyde by Daniel Levine – Describes the horror classic “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” from the perspective of the monster, through his hazy knowledge of the back streets of Victorian London, the missing girls and the evidence that amounts against him.

Disclaimer by Renee Knight – Reading a mysterious novel that recounts in haunting detail the day she became the victim of a dark secret, documentary filmmaker Catherine Ravenscroft is forced to confront the past to prevent her world from falling apart.

The City by Dean Koontz – A gifted musician relates the events of 1967 that impacted his family and friends, from his indomitable “piano man” grandfather and struggling singer single mother to the everyday saints and sinners who shaped his life.

Trust No One by Jayne Ann Krentz – After finding her boss’s body, Grace Elland retreats to her hometown to regroup and tries to put everything she’s learned about positive thinking into practice–a process complicated by her evening with venture-capitalist Julius Arkwright, a man with whom she has nothing in common.

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