Celebrating Black Trans Lives with JMRL

On Saturday, February 27 at 6:30pm, JMRL and partners will be hosting a live streaming of the award-winning documentary Mama Gloria followed immediately afterward by a Q&A with legendary trans activist, Gloria Allen.

Celebrate Black History and Black Trans Lives at this special community event.

“JMRL is honored to partner with such amazing organizations [listed below] to help highlight and address the challenges confronting Black Trans women, and the transgender community at large,” said Evan Stankovics, Northside Library Adult Programming Librarian.

“We are delighted that Gloria Allen, an activist and icon, will be joining us to enlighten, motivate, and inspire us during this special event.”

The documentary, Mama Gloria, focuses on Gloria Allen, a trailblazing 74-year-old Black transgender activist who started a charm school for homeless trans youth and is now aging with joy and grace.

At a time when Black transgender women face escalating violence and make up the majority of transgender people murdered each year, Gloria’s story is an inspiring portrait of aging seldom seen.

“Everyone no matter who you are should always be open to learn more about our Trans Community. Being open and willing will start the healing process and gain a better understanding of our past and current struggles,” said Charley Burton, Trans Community Outreach Coordinator for Cville Pride.

JMRL would like to thank our incredible partner organizations for making this event possible: Cville Pride, PFLAG, Black Transwomen Inc, Diversity In Recovery, and Charlottesville Trans Support Group.

Register online at http://www.jmrl.org or call 434.973.7893 x3.

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