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If you’re an adult LEGO fan looking for an excuse to play around with the colorful bricks from your childhood, look no further! Check out these inspiring books for your next LEGO project:

Birds From Bricks by Thomas Poulsom – Includes step-by-step instructions and color photos for creating birds from around the world, including a cardinal, macaw, penguin, painted bunting and more.

Geeky LEGO Crafts by David Scarfe — Presents step-by-step instructions for 21 fun and quirky adult LEGO projects, including objects for the home and holiday decorations, as well as art and design ideas.

Brick History by Warren Elsmore – Features 50 of the most pivotal historic moments in time and captures them in a mixture of detailed dioramas and buildable projects.

LEGO Architecture by Philip Wilkinson — An illustrated guide takes a look at the artists, builders, and inspiration behind the LEGO Architecture series, exploring the creative process and how the artists translated iconic buildings into LEGO sets.

The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya – An artist known for his LEGO brick sculptures and portraits showcases some of his most impressive creations while providing insight and backstory into how they came to be.

Beautiful LEGO (series) by Mike Doyle — Showcases artist’s creations using LEGO blocks, ranging from incredibly lifelike replicas of everyday objects and famous monuments to imaginative renderings of spaceships, mansions and mythical creatures.

The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Idea Book by Yoshihito Isogawa — Explores creative ways to build mechanisms with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 set, with step-by-step photographs and a list of the required parts for a variety of models, including cars, steerable crawlers, ball-shooters, and grasping robotic arms.

The LEGO Architect by Tom Alphin — Uses LEGO models to explore different architectural styles, providing a brief discussion of each movement as well as a gallery of models based on real buildings, accompanied by step-by-step building instructions.

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