We’ll Always Have Paris-themed Books

Paris was a big theme in books in 2015. Books from all genres were published about the city, including the selections below which have the city’s name in their title. Here are some of the notable titles in fiction and nonfiction.



The Golem of Paris by Jonathan Kellerman – Kellerman’s latest mystery finds LAPD detective Jacob Lev traveling halfway around the world to Paris to look for the killer in an unsolved murder case.

The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George -Follow the exploits of self-termed “literary apothecary” Monsieur Perdu, who uses books to heal others; well everyone but himself, until now.

The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure – This story follows Parisian architect Lucien Bernard as he makes a living in Nazi-occupied Paris creating secret hiding places for his Jewish compatriots.

Paris, He Said by Christine Sneed – A woman moves to Paris to become a painter, in this novel of self-discovery.

Paris Red by Maureen Gibbon – Visit Paris in 1863 through the eyes of Victorine Meurent, a 17-year-old girl who becomes Edouard Manet’s model.

The Race for Paris by Meg Waite Clayton – Read about two female journalists who embed with soldiers in an attempt to be the first journalists to reach France as it’s liberated in 1944.


Hemingway’s Paris by Robert Wheeler – Flip through gorgeous black and white photographs from Paris when Heminway called it home.

My Paris Dream by Kate Betts – Join Kate Betts as she achieves her long-held dream of moving to paris after graduation, explores the city, builds a life, and gains entry into the world of high-fashion.

Paris at the End of the World by John Baxter – Read about how, despite ongoing war, Paris was most alive during The Great War – housing wounded in museums, using taxis to shuttle troops, welcoming hoards of foreigners, and continuing to enable the talents of artists like Picasso.

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