Novels That Reminisce

When looking for some similar titles for a book request from our What Do I Read Next? service the other day, I stumbled upon a collection of interesting fiction. The thing these books have in common? They are all told from the point of view of a person in their later years reminiscing about their life.

Here are a few of the many titles.

belle cora

Belle Cora by Phillip Margulies – A historical novel about the orphaned daughter of a merchant in New York and how she suffers before transforming her life.

The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street by Susan Jane Gilman – Russian immigrant Malka goes on a cross country trek in an ice cream truck in 1913 New York.

In Falling Snow by Mary-Rose Maccoll – A young Australian nurse heads to France during WWI to find her 15-year-old brother who ran away to enlist.

The Tin Horse by Janice Steinberg – A story about one twin’s life after her sister disappears in 1939.

Ancient Light by John Banville – An actor reflects on his career and his first love affair at age fifteen.

The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen – Elderly sisters Twiss and Milly spend their days tending to injured birds and reminiscing about what could have been in their lives.

The Bungalow by Sarah Jio – Anne tries to discover the truth about what happened 70 years prior when she was serving in the Pacific as part of the Army Nurse Corps in 1942 and fell in love with a mysterious soldier.

If you’d like to explore this topic more, check out the other books we have that fall into this category.

What do you think?

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