How Checking Out an Energy Meter Can Help You Save Money

killawattHave you resolved to save more money in the new year? JMRL has a new resource that will help you determine how to shave some dollars off your energy bill.

Kill A Watt energy meters are available for check out from your nearby library branch and can easily measure the energy consumption of any household appliance. Just plug the device into an electrical outlet, then plug in anything that uses electricity and use it as you normally would.

After a couple days, take note of the numbers on the Kill a Watt meter’s display as you press each of the buttons below the screen. Be sure to write everything down before unplugging the meter from the outlet. For help with understanding what the numbers mean, take a look at this appliance energy calculator from the U.S. Department of Energy.


The video below explains how the Kill a Watt energy meter works in more detail:


You can use the information collected by the energy meter to help you better manage the energy consumption in your home and save you money on your next electric bill. Try it on your computer, television, or even Christmas lights to see just how much energy they’ve been using. The meter can also help you see the difference in energy usage when upgrading your appliances or light bulbs.

Place a hold on a Kill a Watt today!

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