Parenting with Neuroscience program

Neuroscientist and mother Erin Clabough, PhD will discuss how parents can use neuroscience to help their children develop empathy, creativity, and self-control.

Dr. Clabough is a professor at UVa and the author of Second Nature, which can be downloaded as an eBook through JMRL’s eResources.

“I do research on brain development, neurodegeneration, and synaptic plasticity and studying the brain has dramatically changed the way that I parent,” Dr. Clabough said.

“Scientists actually know so much about the brain that doesn’t get widely applied to our daily lives, but this information is incredibly useful.”

Second Nature brings two worlds together, tying together basic neuroscience and everyday parenting.

“Parents can teach the skills of creativity, empathy, and self-control. The upcoming sessions will explain why these particular skills are so important for our kids to have and provide tools to start to cultivate them,” she said.

Upcoming sessions include:

Parenting with Neuroscience: Creativity – Friday, June 12 at 10-11am
Parenting with Neuroscience: Empathy – Friday, June 26 at 10-11am
Parenting with Neuroscience: Self-Control – Friday, July 10 at 10-11am

Registration is required to enter these Zoom webinars and recorded sessions will be posted on JMRL’s YouTube channel.


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