Booklist: Optimism Month

Did you know March was actually National Optimism Month? March is over, but we could all still use some optimism. It’s tough to keep your spirits up right now, but it’s important to try! Here are some titles, fiction and nonfiction, to help you do what you need to stay optimistic, whether it’s escapism, making some meaningful change in your actions or thoughts, or just being plain silly. For help downloading, visit JMRL’s eLibrary or ask a Librarian for help. Don’t have a library card? Sign up online for a temporary card for instant access to ebooks, audiobooks, databases, and more.

Sometimes all it takes to cheer up is some good news, or some pictures. Take a look at Upworthy, or how about some cute animals? Not being able to go out can get claustrophobic. Get a little of the great outdoors with the National Park Service.

Music can change the whole tone of your day. Try out something to help you Work from Home, or just Have a Great Day.


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