Local Author Visit: Susie McKenna

The Crozet Library will host local author Susie McKenna as she discusses her latest thriller, Last Tracks, on Friday, November 8 from 12-1pm.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A book about survival and revenge, McKenna said writing thrillers was a challenge and required a lot of research.

“The book is intended to give the reader a few scares, but also relieves the tension at times with a bit of sarcastic humor,” she said.

“A lot of research was required to describe the characters and the plot. I took courses in outdoor survival, forensics, and hunter education.

“The book touches on everything from snowshoeing, ice fishing, law enforcement, revenge, justice, to an accordion-playing bad guy.”

In addition to chatting about her book, McKenna will bring items for show-and-tell, including photos, a map, snowshoes, and jerky for tasting.

For more information, visit http://www.jmrl.org.


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