Crafting at the Library: Citrus Coasters

The Central, Gordon Ave, and Greene County Libraries have a citrus coaster project available for patrons to make during the month of August. But if you can’t stop by one of the branches to make it in person, try it at home.

Supplies needed:
Colored felt
White felt

Step 1: Cut out a 3 1/2 inch circle in the colored felt- this will be the peel.


Step 2: Cut out a 3 inch circle in the white felt- this will be the pith.


Step 3: Cut 6-8 triangles in the same colored felt, these will be the segments. To make this easier, cut out a 2 1/2 inch circle, and then cut the circle into triangles.


Step 4: Glue the white circle to the colored felt, then glue the triangles on top of the white circle. Repeat steps to make more coasters!


For more inspiration, check out these titles:
Stitch Camp by Nicole Blum
Felt Me a Smile- For You by Toyoko Sugiwaka
The Art of Feltmaking by Anne Einset Vickery

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