Nonfiction for Women’s History Month

Here are a few nonfiction books for Women’s History Month. Celebrate by reading about some amazing women!

Revolutionary Mothers by Carol Berkin –  “The American Revolution was a home-front war that brought scarcity, bloodshed, and danger into the life of every American. In this groundbreaking history, Carol Berkin shows how women played a vital role throughout the conflict and reveals a fascinating and unknown side of the struggle for American independence.”

She Caused a Riot by Hannah Jewell – Women who were geniuses despite the fact that they were girls; Women who fought empires and racists; Women who punched Nazis; Women who wrote dangerous things.

The Lady from the Black Lagoon by Mallory O’Meara – “Milicent Patrick was one of Disney’s first female animators and the only woman in history to create one of Hollywood’s classic movie monsters. Author O’Meara discovered that Patrick’s contribution had been claimed by a jealous male colleague, and she soon after had disappeared from film history. O’Meara set out to right the wrong, and in the process discovered the full, fascinating story of an ambitious, artistic woman ahead of her time.”

Invisible Women, Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez – “Data is fundamental to the modern world. From economic development, to healthcare, to education and public policy, we rely on numbers to allocate resources and make crucial decisions. But because so much data fails to take into account gender, because it treats men as the default and women as atypical, bias and discrimination are baked into our systems. And women pay tremendous costs for this bias, in time, money, and often with their lives.”

What do you think?

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