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Over the past few decades, technology has been woven into the fabric of human life so much that most people are now constantly surrounded by screens, using programs and algorithms to make their lives easier. Check out one of these books if you’ve been pondering the many ways in which our lives are (and will be) shaped by emerging technology:

Soonish by Kelly & Zach Weinersmith – Presents an illustrated investigation into the technologies of the near future, from deep-space travel to 3D organ printing, to offer insight into how they will work and what is needed to advance their readiness.

The Four-Dimensional Human by Laurence Scott – Blending tech-philosophy with insights, shows how society is entering into a four-dimensional world – filled with ceaseless communication, instant information, and global connection – that is dramatically redefining people’s lives.

The Fourth Age by Byron Reese – An assessment of the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence and robotics traces how technology arrived at this point and how artificial life, machine consciousness, extreme prosperity, and technological warfare will be hotly debated issues of the near future.

Experience on Demand by Jeremy Bailenson – An exploration of the risks and potential of virtual reality argues that VR technology can be used to enrich people’s lives and influence how users treat others, the environment, and themselves.

Thinking Machines by Lucas Dormehl – Discusses the advancements in artificial intelligence and what it means to be human in a world full of machines that think.

The Secret Life by Andrew O’Hagan – Three essays explore identity and the Internet, taking readers to the fringes of life in a digital world through the eyes of characters who question the reality of selfhood in the digital age.

Hello World by Hannah Fry – Explores the algorithms that automate modern life, describing their inner workings, their limitations, and the ways they can improve human systems.

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  1. Returning “Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social MediaAccounts Right Now” by Jaron Lanier. Great!

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