DIY Pottery & Ceramics

makingpotteryIf you’re looking for a new hobby and have considered trying your hand at a pottery wheel, let one of these library books show you how to get started:

Making Pottery You Can Use by Jacqui Atkin – Explains how to throw and hand-build pieces that are beautiful and practical, from plates, cups, and saucers to casserole dishes, pitchers, and tureens.

Ceramics for Beginners: Animals & Figures by Susan Halls – Acclaimed ceramist Susan Halls breaks down the process of molding figurative shapes into simple, easily mastered geometric constituents like tubes, bowls, and boxes.

Ceramics for Beginners: Wheel Throwing by Emily Reason – Introduces the mechanics of wheel-thrown ceramics, taking the reader through nine projects, from a simple bowl to more advanced creations, in a book with full-color gallery sections that aim to provide inspiration.

Glaze by Brian Taylor & Kate Doody – Potters of all levels will find a wealth of guidance on the glazing process as several of today’s leading ceramicists share the recipes behind their most stunning works of art.

Mastering Raku by Steven Branfman – From firing to finishing, this definitive reference on raku ceramics covers such topics as types of clay, forming techniques, firing, glazes, decoration, and kilns and kiln construction, accompanied by a gallery of works from around the world and updated clay and glaze recipes.

The Ceramics Bible by Louisa Taylor – Enhanced by more than 700 full-color photographs, a resource for ceramics practitioners offers step-by-step instructions on molding, firing, and glazing techniques, along with examples of contemporary work, artist profiles, and troubleshooting tips.

Basic Pottery Making by Linda Franz – Step-by-step instructions complete with color photographs for four basic pottery projects for the beginning potter, including a chapter on bisque firing, waxing, and glazing.

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