Photography Books for Beginners

Photographs have captivated humans since their inception in the 1820s. Once cameras became digital and easily mass-produced, photography became a hobby that just about anyone can enjoy. Nowadays, where almost everyone has a digital camera – probably even two – on their cellphones, we are now able to quickly memorialize moments of our lives with the push of a button. Although it has been made easier, there is still an art to the practice of photography that must be cultivated through practice and learning all of the nuances that come along with capturing the world around us.

Take a look at a few of these books about photography from the JMRL collection if you’re looking to enhance your skills:

Android Photography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity by Jolie O’Dell – Provides information on using an Android device to take photographs, covering such topics as hardware, techniques, applications, sharing photographs, shooting video, and mobile photography.

The Art of iPhoneography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity by Stephanie Calabrese Roberts – Offers advice on taking photographs with the iPhone, explaining how to shoot and edit photos, manage media, find the best applications, share images, and experiment with different techniques and effects.

Digital Photography for Dummies by Julie Adair King – Filled with tips, advice and insight not found in any camera manual, a trusted resource helps readers quickly get up to speed on proven photography techniques for taking the best digital pictures, showing them how to interpret camera settings; shoot better portraits, action shots and low-light photos; and much more.

The Citizen Journalist’s Photography Handbook: Shooting the World as it Happens by Carlos Miller – Discusses the technical know-how required to be a citizen journalist, and explores such topics as building social media connections, obtaining press credentials, and understanding legal rights, from police interactions to copyright law.

Digital Still Life Photography: Art, Business & Style by Steve Sint – Combining practical business and legal advice with technical photographic information, this book covers such topics as tools and equipment, shooting techniques, and finding a professional-quality studio.

Portrait Photography: Secrets of Posing & Lighting by Mark Cleghorn – Features easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photo sequences that cover topics ranging from software and studio lighting to equipment and interacting with models.

Digital Photography Masterclass by Tom Ang – Explains how to see the world with a photographer’s eyes through tutorials, image analyses, assignments, and step-by-step image manipulation exercises.

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