Travel Apps

It’s summer and you hopefully have a wonderful trip planned to somewhere new and exciting or old and loved. When you find yourself in need of more information on your journeys turn to one of these free apps to assist you.

appintheairApp in the Air (available for iOS and Android) – Track flights with most airlines and airports using this app. Stay updated about your flight status – even if you don’t have internet coverage (updates are sent via SMS). It is also able to integrate with Tripit (below).

gooGoogle Translate (available for iOS and Android) – A household name in translation, this app is a great quick reference abroad. It also lets you pan over a foreign signs or menus with your camera and it will translate them instantly, no internet connection needed.

ltLiveTrekker (available for iOS and Android) – Keep a digital journey of your trip on an interactive map with this app. It monitors speed, altitude, and the route you take. You can add pictures, video, audio, and text to your map.

moMomondo (available for iOS and Android) – This is one of many apps that help you search for, compare, and reserve hotels and flights around the world. A profile and reservation history enable the app to make more personalized recommendations.

rtRoadtrippers (available for iOS and Android) – Are you the type that looks for giant balls of yarn and art made of abandoned cars during your road trip? Check out this app. It helps you find interesting sites across the US and Canada.

time outTime Out (available for iOS and Android) – Find fun things to do in whichever city your travels have taken you to, with this app – which covers everything from restaurants to concerts.

tripitTripit (available for iOS and Android) – Streamline your travels with this app that creates one itinerary from all your confirmation emails (just forward them along). It also allows you to more easily share and coordinate group travel and itineraries.

xeXE Currency (available for iOS and Android) – This handy app can convert every currency in the world. It also saves the last updated rate so you have that information when you are without an internet connection.

wanderuWanderu (available for iOS and Android) – If you aren’t a flyer, or just want an optional mode of transportation use this app to find train and bus tickets across most of North America.

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