Saint Monkey: A tale of two hopefuls

Saint Monkey, is a beautifully profound coming-of-age story of two best friends. The story begins in a small Kentucky town in the late 1950s, and follows the two young women as they experience the joys and heartaches of life as it leads them in increasingly different directions. While the writing is often beautifully poetic, Caroline and Audrey’s friendship feels very toxic. It was hard to believe that these two ladies are very close friends with the actions they display in the novel. However, as the young women struggle with their lives and their relationship with each other, we are reminded of the complexities of life and friendship, and the power of forgiveness.

For me this book was difficult to finish.  Although the author’s writing style was engaging, the beginning of the story dragged on for too long and one would really have to plow through the beginning to even make it to the portions of the novel that were fairly interesting.

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