Show them the $$?

Starting in January 2011, the New York Times plans to institute a fee for online access to its newspaper.   The details are still a bit vague, but it sounds like the paper will use a metered system.  This means that a certain number of articles will be available to the reader for free every month and after that quota has been reached the paper will assess a flat fee.

The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library has access to the New York Times online through ProQuest.  In fact, you can also access  full text articles from The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.  If you have a library card, so do you.  If you don’t have a library card, click here to find out what you need to do to get one.

From our home page, click on databases.  Then, select newspapers from the left side of the screen.  You’ll see ProQuest.  From the basic search page you can do a publication search.  The articles are all full text and there’s no delay.  Today’s paper is available to you today.  If you have any questions, click here to contact the reference desk.

What do you think?

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