National Day of Racial Healing

Today, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, is known as the National Day of Racial Healing. In honor of this day and Dr. King’s legacy, the Gordon Avenue Library is currently hosting a StoryWalk featuring Kwame Alexander’s The Undefeated. The StoryWalk is available through 2/28/21.

Related resources:

Booklists related to the StoryWalk:

  • Booklists featuring the individuals mentioned in The Undefeated for Adults and Kids 
  • Booklists on the Civil Rights Movement for Adults and Kids
  • Black American Picture Books for Kids
  • Black American Chapter Books for Kids
  • Black Power Booklist for Adults
  • Black American Athletes booklist for Adults 
  • Books by Black American authors for Teens
  • Books about Black American inventors and scientists for Adults
  • Books on the Black Lives Matter movement for Adults
  • Poetry by Black American authors for Adults and Kids
  • Biographies of Black Americans for Kids

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