Crafting at the Library: Bubble Art

The Central Library is having another installment of Art in the Park at the Market Street Park in July. On July 27 we’ll be making bubble art on canvas. You can sign up here. This craft is recommended for adults since it can get messy.

Supplies needed:
Canvas or card stock
Paint (we used acrylic)
Bubble solution
Straws (one per paint color)
Bowls or cups

Step 1: Combine 2 tablespoons bubble mixture and 1 tablespoon paint in bowls or cups- mix well. 


Step 2: Using the straw, blow bubbles until it overflows the cup.


Step 3: Carefully place the canvas or card stock on top of the paint bubbles. Be careful- the paint will splatter when the bubbles pop.


Step 4: Repeat with other colors. You can also layer the bubble paint.

Step 5: Let dry and enjoy your masterpiece!


Some things to remember- children may have a hard time remembering to blow bubbles out of the straw instead of sucking up the liquid, which is why we don’t recommend this craft for them. Also, you will get a few paint splatters, so wear old clothes and try this craft outside.

Here are a few books for more inspiration:
Craft Candy: Easy Projects to Stitch, Glue, and Paint by Candace Marquette
Daily Painting by Carol Marine

What do you think?

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