Patience, patience


bookmobile general 3

Life on the bookmobile is a bit different from the other JMRL branches.  We all have our ups and downs, our good days and bad, but there are some situations one only encounters out on the road.

Yes, I’m practicing patience these days.  Our new Sprinter van arrived in Charlottesville on Friday, May 26, 2017.  A very nice man (whose name I’ve already forgotten because it was almost two weeks ago!) from Farber drove it from Ohio to the City Yard here in town.  After a number of missed phone calls, I met Billy (the mechanic) and the Director and the Business Manager from JMRL over at the Yard and got my first glimpse of the new vehicle.  It’s so clean and shiny!!  We were given a ‘tour’ and explanations of all the lights and buttons on the dashboard.  The wheelchair lift was demonstrated and I got to peek under the hood.  He even let me drive it around the parking lot.  So I was ready, absolutely ready to bring it back to the office and get it loaded up.  But no, the City guys still had to go to the DMV and process all the paperwork.  We need license plates and insurance and to be sure we have the invoice, so it can belong to us.  Patience, patience.

Monday was a holiday, the Yard was busy for the rest of the week – so what if the fuel pumps weren’t pumping properly! – and then we were at another weekend.  I only bugged them once, the first week.  I’ve been back over there several times already this week.  I have the owner’s manual, booklets about the radio and clock, four keys, and I still can’t bring it to the garage.  Patience, patience.

We had decided to have the wrap done locally, so the new Sprinter is very white.  Have I mentioned how clean and shiny it is ?!!?  Abby (whom the followers of this blog already know) is working on some designs and I am absolutely prepared to drive it around plain white while she’s creating the graphics.   If I can get a couple magnetic strips that say BOOKMOBILE, that will be fine.  I’m ready.  Patience, patience.

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