Read Local: A Celebration of Local Authors

readlocal_blue_shirtsNext Saturday, November 5, a variety of authors will be gathering at the Central and Louisa County libraries.
The Central Library’s event
 will start at 10am with a panel of local authors discussing their writing experiences. An author fair will follow the panel discussion, during which the panelists and several more authors will be selling their books. The Louisa County Library’s event will follow a similar pattern, beginning with a panel discussion at 1pm. These events are free and open to the public and offer a great opportunity to meet and network with local writers and pick up a new book or two.
Read Local will continue at the Gordon Avenue Library on November 16th
 with a discussion about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) by several NaNoWriMo veterans.

You can find out more about the Read Local series here.

Here’s a sneak peek at the authors on next weekend’s panels:

At the Central Library

Moderated by Sharon Harrigan:

Marc Boston
The Girl Who Carried Too Much StuffA picture book – about a kid we all know! – with a gentle message about choosing friends over all that stuff.

Meredith Cole
Dead in the WaterTaking pictures of prostitutes on the waterfront for a new project, photographer Lydia McKenzie is shocked when her first subject is found murdered, a case Lydia comes to suspect may be linked to a subsequent job involving a wayward husband.

Michelle Damiani
Il Bel CentroA chronicling of the creation and pursuit of a dream—living a year in the beautiful center. Where there is joy, love, & pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.

Mary Morony
Apron Strings : When a grown-up tells you not to worry, you had better start—first rule of thumb, Sallee Mackey, age seven. She is already more than a little bit wary of the adults in her Jim Crow era, Southern world, and with good reason.

At the Louisa County Library:

Hannah Barnaby
Some of the PartsA devastated teenaged girl sets out on a quest to track down transplant recipients after she discovers that her older brother was an organ donor.

Nathan Richardson
Twenty-One Imaginary T-Shirts: Twenty-one Imaginary T-Shirts is a collection of aphorisms and short poems published in a chapbook format.   There are wonderful visual art contributions made by Angelo Mesisco, Clayton Singelton, Don Shipp, Gerome Meminger and Marlon Richardson.

Joan Mazza
Dreaming Your Real Self:Unlike other books that focus on universal dream interpretations, Dreaming Your Real Self shows you how to uncover individual dream symbols to find the personal messages behind them.

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