Tales from the Road

bookmobile general 3


Life on the bookmobile is a bit different from the other JMRL branches.  We all have our ups and downs, our good days and bad, but there are some situations one only encounters out on the road.

One day I was down in the Esmont area.  There’s a stop at which I pull the big bookmobile over to the side of the road, in front of some houses.  As is common in the country, the dogs roam freely and I was used to them coming to greet me with some friendly barking.  I hadn’t seen the dogs yet when Stefanie, the human, came out toward the bus.  “Oh, no!  Oh, no!” I heard her exclaim as she came forward.  I had a definite moment of panic, thinking I had inadvertently hit one of the dogs.  As I hopped out of the bus, though, she pointed behind us.  The neighbors’ gate had gotten open and the cows were all wandering out into the road!  Stefanie hollered for her son to come help and we each picked up something to wave at the roaming cattle.  Luckily no other traffic came by as the three of us chased the cows, hollering all the while, back into their enclosure.  Stefanie closed the gate tightly – at least for the moment.


  1. We were out on our bookmobile route and seen a ‘riderless’ horse running toward us. We quietly jumped out and stopped the horse and waited for the rider to catch up! Ahhhh good times and memories out on a route!

    P.S. They heard that ‘Buttercup the Clumsy Cow’ was Moo’y (muy) Bueno to read!!

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