BBQ Apps

TTT BBQIn these last few weeks of summer wind down the grilling season by improving your technique using these free apps. Learn how to pick your meat, make your sauce, and time it just right to have a delicious meal at the end.

pitpalPit Pal Barbecue (on iOS and Android) – Crowd-sourced information lets you find out how to cook your meat properly. You can also create a log of past times and temperatures to help you improve.

steakgrillSteak Grilling Timer from Kansas City Steak Company (on iOS and Android) – Recipes, grilling tips, and multiple timers make this app your new grilling companion.

talkchefTalkToChef (on iOS and Android) – Never mess up dinner again! Or at least, have the option to find some help before you do with this app that lets you video chat with actual chefs.

tenderTender (on iOS and Android) – Like the similarly named dating app, this is a swipe-focused app. In this case, swipe to save a recipe from the many delicious looking photos.

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