Augmented Reality Apps

Yelp’s Monocle feature showing what’s available on the Downtown Mall.

For the confused or uninitiated, augmented reality is when an app adds a virtual layer of content on top of real life visuals or maps or otherwise uses your location to provide information. If you’ve played or heard about PokémonGO then you are familiar with the concept. Interested in trying non-Pokémon versions of AR? Download one of these free apps:

For Fun
Ingress (available on iOS and Android) – Before they rolled out Pokemon, creator Niantic had Ingress. Become an operative and fight an alien invasion by finding information in your surroundings in this game.
Geocaching (available on iOS and Android) – Now your phone can help you with this fun, real-world treasure hunt.
Parallel Kingdom (available on iOS and Android) – This is a location-based fantasy role playing game full of dungeons, battles, and kingdoms.
Zombies, Run! (available on iOS and Android) – Missions to save remaining humans from a zombie outbreak allow you to rack up supplies while doing your daily walk or run. Bonus interval training occurs when you get chased by (and have to outrun) zombies.

For Travel
Field Trip (available on iOS and Android) – Traveling in a new city can be made easier and more interesting with this app that suggests items of interest in your surroundings.
Google Translate (available on iOS and Android) – This app provides real-time translation of foreign signs and other information. View the sign using the phone camera and the translation will show up on your screen.
Yelp  (available on iOS and Android) – Use the Map feature in this app to see what’s surrounding you, or open the Monocle feature to use the camera to get restaurant information and reviews overlaid on your street view.

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