Tech Tip Tuesday: Make A Website

There are plenty of free website builders available online. Here are just a few that are well-reviewed and offer a variety of styles and features to get you started.

jimdoJimdo – Page creation on Jimdo is drag and drop. Once you choose your theme you can easily add your photos and features. There is even a mobile app available on iOS and Android. This service is especially recommended for small businesses, due to good e-commerce interface.

weeblyWeebly – This service is highly recommended for ease of use. There are over 100 layouts to choose from and a more structured version of drag and drop layout than some of the others. Your website can be customized at the code-level, if desired. Mobile apps available on iOS and Android make it possible to do on-the-go editing. Weebly also has a good e-commerce interface, so this is recommended for business owners as well.

wixWix – Wix is one of the simplest creators. Drag and drop and don’t worry after that. It has good selection of themes but once you choose one you can’t change it. It is recommended for artists and photographers that want to showcase their work. Wix is best if you need a website quickly, perhaps even in minutes.

2000px-wordpress_blue_logo-svgWordPress – You’ll get a lot more control over layout and theme with WordPress, and thanks to the tens of thousands of plugins you can customize many aspects of your page. There is an extensive help community which may come in handy as this service also has the steepest learning curve.

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