Shark Week apps

If watching shark shows on Discovery Channel has you inspired to learn more about these giant fish and the ocean they live in, check out these free apps.

shark1Global Shark Tracker (available on iOS and Android) – Use this app to watch tagged sharks migrate around the globe thanks to satellites.

oceanOcean Life ID 
(available on iOS and Android) – Identify all marine life, including sharks, with this helpful app.

dorsalDorsal Shark Reports (available on iOS and Android) – Get immediate updates on shark sightings or attacks in your area from both officials and members of the public with this crowdsourced app. (available on iOS and Android) – This app from the popular site sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation is all animal cameras, including a live shark cam. 

Continue the shark fun by coming to our Shark Week with Under the Sea program to meet a live baby shark at Central on July 9 at 10:30am.

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