Gardening Apps

It’s spring and time to design your outdoor space and plant. Or if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s the time of year you walk around wondering which plants are which. For both types of plant enthusiasts we’ve rounded up some apps to help you. All apps are available for free on Apple and Android devices.


GardenAnswers Plant Identification  – This app helps you identify almost any plant by taking a picture of it. Additionally it will also help you determine if your plant has a pest problem and identify which pest it is. Experts are available to answer your gardening questions.

plantifierPlantifier – This app uses crowdsourcing to ID plants. Upload a photo of any plant or tree and members of will review it and give you an answer as soon as possible.

vTree (on iOS devices) & Virginia Tech Tree ID (on Android devices) – This app, created by Virginia Tech’s Dendrology Department, contains fact sheets for nearly one thousand plants and trees from all over North America with an in-depth description, range map and thousands of color images of leaves, flowers, fruit, twigs, bark and form.

mygardenMyGarden  – Another app from the folks at, this is essentially a social network for gardeners. You can keep up with and message fellow gardeners, make lists of plants in your garden, and keep track of tasks you need to accomplish – like weekly watering, or monthly fertilizing.

burpeeBurpee Garden Planner – Let this app help you know when to plant, transplant, or harvest vegetables and herbs in your garden. It has region-specific information and automatically creates a task list to notify you when to take the next action. Includes a database of plants, local weather, and helpful how-to videos.

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