Apps for Mental Health

One of the major themes of our Big Read selection, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, is mental health – mental illness and addiction included. In keeping with programming addressing these topics this month, we thought some apps to keep you mentally on track might be helpful. Apps listed below are available for free from Android and Apple app stores.

breatheBreathe2Relax – This app works to relieve stress, manage anxiety, stabilize mood, and control anger with deep breathing exercises. While this type of breathing, called “diaphragmatic breathing”, is generally included in meditation and yoga practices, the exercises in this app are solely breathing focused.

cassavaCassava – This is an addiction recovery assistance app. It helps you locate self-help support and 12-step meetings near you, save meeting locations you have attended and enjoyed, journal, assess your daily moods and activities, and track your progress.

mindshiftMindShift – This app helps you tackle anxiety in any form, from performance or social anxiety to worry and panic. It acts as a portable coach to help you face and work through anxiety rather than avoid it. It has assessments to see how you’re feeling or what type of situation you’re in and provides thinking, relaxation, and action tools so you can move forward.

pacificaPacifica – For anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mood related issues. This app allows you to track your moods over time and connect them to activities or possible triggers like sleep, exercise, time outside, or alcohol intake. It also has helpful activities built into the app that focus on relaxation, goal setting, and positive thinking.

Apps are not intended to be substitutions for appropriate medical treatment of mental health conditions. If you need immediate help, or would like more information on finding treatment please head to

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