Looking Forward: New Policies and a New Plan

Change is good, or at least it is for JMRL.

On Monday, April 28, the JMRL Board of Trustees approved changes to the regional library’s conduct policy. Starting July 1, cellphones can be used anywhere in the libraries as long as the cellphone use is not disruptive to others. Covered drinks and snacks will also be allowed in all JMRL branches. These decisions were made based on an evaluation of the policies at similar libraries. The times are constantly changing, and JMRL does whatever it can to adjust to these changes accordingly.

Also approved at Monday’s board meeting was the new Five-Year Plan for 2014 through 2019. Many new projects are on the horizon, including the new Northside Library on West Rio Road in Charlottesville, the renovation of Central Library, the expansion of Nelson Memorial Library, and the plans for a brand new branch library in southern Albemarle County.

Click here to see the finalized Five-Year Plan.

For more on these changes, check out this article by the Daily Progress or this one by Charlottesville Newsplex.

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