Seated Delegates and Empty Chairs

Now that the national conventions have wrapped up, less than two months remain until the polls open. Whether you’re undecided, a dyed-in-the-wool party member, or just want to be as informed as possible before casting your vote, the library is a great resource of information.

First stop: the JMRL Election 2012 page on the library ‘s website. You can find your polling place, check your registration status, or download an absentee ballot. The library also has links to the official websites for the presidential as well as local candidates. Want to get more involved? Check out the links to local political party branches. Curious about the elections and campaigning in general? The library has collected a plethora of links to blogs, media sites, and government information.

The conventions may be over, but their official website has transcripts and video of many speeches and events. The Democratic National Convention has selected videos and photos from their events and the Republican National Convention has video, short bios, and speech transcripts for many of its speakers sorted by date.

JMRL also has books by both presidential candidates available for checkout. Mitt Romney has a recent title from 2010 while Barack Obama has a few to his name. The library also has quite a few books about 21st century U.S. politics and many more in similar subject areas.

Just for fun, try this quiz to determine where you fall on the political spectrum, put together by PBS NewsHour and the Pew Research Center.

Finally, don’t forget to VOTE!


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