Stuck In A Book

I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. When I’m not working, I’m often searching for information about books and reading. A good friend recommended:
 Based in the UK, this site is the perfect combination of anglophilia and bibliophilia. The blogger, Simon David Thomas, is incredibly well-read and writes in an entertaining, witty style.  A  recent post included a quote from Mark Haddon and that’s what prompted me to share Stuck In A Book with the JMRL Blog audience.  If you need a recommendation for a good book and your favorite librarian is unavailable, give this website a try.

Here’s the quote that inspired me:
Reading is primarily a symptom. Of a healthy imagination, of our interest in this and other worlds, of our ability to be still and quiet, of our ability to dream during daylight. And if we want more people to enjoy better books, whatever that means, we should concentrate on the things that prevent people reading. Poverty, poor literacy, library closures, feelings of cultural exclusion. Alleviate any of these problems and reading will blossom.
–Mark Haddon, ‘The Right Words in the Right Order’
Stop What You’re Doing and Read This!
Stella Pool, JMRL Staff

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