“I like the noise of democracy.” ~ James Buchanan

If you haven’t registered to vote yet in Virginia, today, October 12th, is the last day to do so before the November 2nd election.  Voter registration forms are available at the library and as long as they are postmarked by today’s date, you should be ready to participate in this November’s election.  You can also drop off your completed form at any Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  But, that has to be done today if you want to be eligible to vote this November.

Cartoon courtesy of Ben Sargent

The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library has created a link from its home page for one-stop election news.  Click here to see who is running in your district, find information on your political party, political blogs and polling websites, among other things.  There’s even a link to the useful Annenberg Political Fact Check; a real help to clear up some of the messy political mud slinging we are all subjected to this time of year.

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