Dog Days of Summer Reading!

Summer Reading!

Hello everyone.

I got so worked up over the World Cup and pondering the relevance of fiction that I forgot to remind everyone that JMRL Summer Reading Programs have started and are in full swing.

The theme of this year’s Adult Summer Reading Program is: Water Your Mind!  We’ve been having a lot of fun with Water and Travel themed book displays here at the Central Branch so stop by, sign-up and grab something to read.

The Young Adult Summer Reading Program is the similarly themed “Make Waves at Your Library.”   Sign-up is easy and prizes are plentiful.

All programs run through July 31st.

A Follow-Up:

I’m surprised that no irate, erudite To Kill a Mocking Bird fans in the wider JMRL universe have deluged the comment pages to plead their case and convince me that my view of Harper Lee’s novel is shortsighted, cynical and/or otherwise misguided (it would not be the first time such a case was made).   I only hoped to provoke a discussion and hear some different voices and/or viewpoints on the book.  The floor is still open 🙂

Have a nice holiday weekend everyone!



    • Zanne-
      Thanks for posting the NPR article.
      I like Professor Gabbin’s observation that Atticus, as a character, set a strong example for people who were inclined to be tolerant, but maybe needed to follow the example of someone with more strength in their convictions.

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